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Reviews on What Sold People to Invest in a Hylas 54

"A Look at the Hylas 54" by Josh Mclean August 2018:

"The Hylas 54 has a well-earned reputation for strength, comfort, and quality construction, systems and hardware. Designed by German Frers and built by Queen Long.  While no longer in production, the Hylas 54 remains one of the most popular choices for cruising couples with ambitions of distant cruising. Versatile and fast, the yacht is exceptionally capable in a variety of sea-states."

"Hylas 54 RS" by John Kretschemer

October 7, 2002:

"The new Hylas 54 RS Sapphire cut an impressive swath through the afternoon chop off Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida. Push-button sheeting tweaked the cruising spinnaker. We squeezed up to a tight reach and, despite an apparent wind of less than 10 knots, watched the speedo flirt with 7. The helm was light and the ride was silky smooth; this kind of relaxed sailing was kid's stuff for the powerful German Frers design. The Hylas 54 is a success on the water and in the marketplace. In just over three years of production more than 30 boats have been delivered, with no slowdown in sight. If you order a boat today be prepared to wait 12 to 14 months for delivery. What makes the Hylas 54 so appealing? Value. The 54 delivers the quality of a premier custom-built boat at close to production boat prices."

"An Open Letter to Hylas Yachts" by Liza Farrow-Gillespie 

July 6, 1999: 

In 1996 and 1997, we must have looked at 50 new and used boats in our quest to find the right offshore sailing vessel for our adventure of a lifetime — a five-year double-handed circumnavigation.  We were every broker’s nightmare until we decided to entrust you with building our dream boat.  After living on Heartsong III for more than a year and 10,000 miles, we think it’s about time that we said thanks.

Every single day — every single day — we discover something on this Hylas 54 that is so exquisitely conceived, or that is built so much stronger than it had to be, that we are thrilled all over again.  From the smallest ingenious nuance (and they are apparently infinite) to the most fundamental structural component (and our surveyor confirms their integrity), this … boat … is … awesome.  She is eminently comfortable — at the dock, at anchor, and at sea under every condition we’ve experienced so far.

"A Hylas 54 Review" From Cruising World 

December 1999: 

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