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Under the Bridge

(Or how to get a 72 ft. Mast Under a 65 ft. Bridge)

When Alcyone was put into storage at Jarret Bay Boat Yard in Beaufort, NC she sailed from the ocean through a swing bridge. 

In the intervening 3 years, this bridge was demolished and replaced with a 65-foot fixed heightbridge. What to do? We decided to kedge her under the bridge!

With help of Craig and his crew from Dead Cow Lane Salvage, we attached a two-ton water bag to the top of the mast, then inflated air lift bags at the last moment to tip her over at low tide and get her under the bridge. The next day we filled the water-bag with water and carefully motored to the bridge, before filling the air bags to tip her over.

Then we were towed under the bridge (see video below).

Bottom of the bag to top of the mast is

(Once we straightened her up, we promptly ran aground….)

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